Let Your Eyes Provide Vision. Let Your Heart Serve as Visionary.

I picked these words on my neck through an invitation from Sarah King five years ago at @awakeningsmovement during a really dark time in my personal life. Wore them on my neck today. Tonight they’ll go back to dangling from a lamp stand in my bathroom so I can see them daily.

I put them there to remind myself that although my eyes provide vision, my heart serves as visionary and that all those years ago I intended to get out of my own way and into the will of the Divine.

The word Kenosis refers to self emptying of will and becoming entirely receptive to Divine Will. Through Contemplation, it is now my daily practice. Through my living it is a daily opportunity to do my best to be aware of resistance in my body as a way to realign with the Divine vision planted in my heart. It’s been messy and mysterious. There’s been difficulty and ease. ..

Richard Rohr says, “God is always the initiator and mover. All we do is second the motion.”..

For me, I am becoming most aware of that initiation - in my heart and body. Through experience I am learning that my heart often sees way before my eyes do.

Shared more about how that has manifested in my life here (scroll to 9.16.18) thanks to the production of Russell Guess.


May your days be filled with compassion, your faith remain strong, may growth be your compass and joy fill your tables.