The Gems Hidden in Criticism

Within every critique and criticism is an opportunity to hold all the information like a rare gem.

ALLOW the information to let you feel however it makes you feel. Dissect each word if you have to and label it for what it is. Some words might feel like daggers, some might feel like love. Some words like hurt. Some like hope. Feel all of it fully.

At some point though you get to turn the gem, see it in a new light and ASK, “Is any of this actually true? Am I these words? Can I hold this critique simply for what it is - information - and use it to live into the part of me that desires to grow; to expand?”

From there you can DECIDE and take ACTION. Let the truth that feels good be the truth that feels good. Let the truth that feels not so good help you assess how to move and grow in a NEW way. And for every single untruth packed in a criticism you MUST use your energy to proclaim the truth by flipping the critique inside out for your own sake. Be wise enough to let every false word spoken about what you lack fall into the abundance found in grace; for in that space lies the truth of infinite possibilities. In that space you will hear Spirit whisper what is true and the words will rise up in your heart and plant you in your power. Then all of the energy you would have used defending and explaining can be used to build. And ya’ll building feels just does.

Bless the energy involved in every single critique, thank it for what it’s shown you and send it back to its source. You don’t have to take that on. You don’t have to add that gem to your collection.


May your days be filled with compassion, your faith remain strong, may growth be your compass and joy fill your tables.