For Those That Are In Between

A close look at these pages & you’ll see that this notebook is a hybrid of corporate notes & a leap of faith.
“Expense Report”
“Shell Recap”
“Clean out desk”

And I’m talking about put your personal belongings in a box and take them home for good cleaning.

During my last few weeks in corporate America I officed alone at the top of a building in a space that was designed to hold a team of folks.

On my last day, (the day I was to put my belongings in a box) I was surprised to find a man on his cell phone in the space I’d been working in & I think he was equally surprised to see me because the door required a code to get in.

“Sorry, he said” I didn’t realize anyone was working up here.”

“Tomorrow there won’t be,” I said. “This is my last day.”

He proceeded to ask where I was going. I shared how I wasn’t sure. I had a part time job offer from my church and I wanted to explore ministry. I felt like that’s what I was being called to.

We talked for what seemed like hours & I ended up crying because the truth is I was terrified. I had worked since I was 15. Been on my own since I was 17 & here I was - a mother of two with no job and a part time plan.

And that’s where the faith part of the notebook comes in. He shared parts of his journey with me - really personal things around a crises of faith & then he started saying all of these things that I REALLY, needed to hear & so through my tears I excused myself to take notes because I knew there would be days when I needed to remember what the man behind the locked door told me. So here, scribbled around vacation hours & the last of my meetings are these words from him.

Why are you afraid of the gifts of your Father?

Take a mortal jump into His hands.

Take your bills and your people & give them to Him

Hold His hand. Be like a kid..

Pray for those that are against you.

Do you pray to Mary? Pray to the Virgin Mary. Oh, she loves him so much!

Waves will come & they won’t even shake you.

& My words to you if you’ve read this far...If it’s true for me. It’s true for you. Trust bigger.