For Days with Long Nights

Sun stand still. It’s what solstice means. It is the day of the longest night.

If you’ve been feeling more tired than usual, finding it hard to get up in the morning, hoping to go to bed early, a bit restless (I know I have 👋🏽), it may be your bodies way of urging you to accept the invitation to slow down and settle into the dark.

It’s not light OR darkness. It’s light AND darkness. Alexander Shaia teaches that, “we don’t light a candle against the darkness we decorate it.”

“We sit in hallowed darkness knowing it’s the face of new beginning.”

It is in large part what this time of year is proclaiming through nature and the coming of Christmas. “The deepest dark is not the place where grace goes to die. It is the place grace goes to be reborn.”

And just as nature goes through a rebirth the human spirit goes through one as well. Slow down. Accept the invitation. Settle in to the reawakening of some forgotten magic. Be gentle with yourself this week and always, in all ways.


*all quotes are from Alexander Shaia

May your days be filled with compassion, your faith remain strong, may growth be your compass and joy fill your tables.