Imaginary No's vs. Possible Yes's

I’ve been sharing "Behind the Seams" footage recently on my IG stories of what my experience has been like starting and growing a business from our home. What I’d like to share today needs longer than a 24 hour window so here it goes in a sentence and beyond if you’d like. 

Do not let the fear of hearing “no” keep you from the possibilities of “yes.”

One of the reasons why my daughter is in this big chair is because I placed a supply order for Joy to the Table at a store in Alvin, TX and we had to pick it up this evening. 

The other reason is it just so happens that thanks to the magic of social media I connected with The Hurried Hostess recently. A quick glance at her page and it’s easy to understand both the excitement and the intimidation I felt at the thought of collaborating with her in some form or fashion (Just look at the tables in her pics 😍 and her follower numbers compared to the Joy to the Table followers 😳)

There was a brief moment before I reached out to her that this voice in my head tried to talk me out of taking the initiative to send a note her way to see if she’d be open to the possibilities of collaborating. Following my excitement instead of my intimidation added a stop to our drive tonight and if you take a look at the The Hurried Hostess stories you’ll see her opening her Joy to the Table!

What will come of all of this? Hopefully more Joy! That’s the risk, wait and see part of following our hearts, of entrepreneurship of creating ANYTHING. Take a possible “yes” over an imaginary “no” any day ya’ll.


May your days be filled with compassion, your faith remain strong, may growth be your compass and joy fill your tables.