Shut Your Mouth and Keep on Talking. My First Podcast Interview.

What do you want?

I had this conversation once. I was super frustrated because I knew I was supposed to be doing something else…something “more.” Quiana LaRae looked at me and asked one seemingly simple question, “What do you want?”

My answer, “I don’t know.”

That was it. That was the end of the conversation AND the beginning of moving in a direction to make mistakes, experiment and fail fast to find the answer. My answer.

Recently Quiana and I had another conversation. This time the topic was about what I've been doing. It's actually a question that I receive quite frequently since making the decision not to return to corporate America. This time the conversation took place as a guest on her podcast, Feminine, Focused & Free

The most recent conversation with Quiana is the answer to what I want and what I've been doing. You can give it a listen here

Not long after making the transition from the corporate life I interviewed for a part time position with a woman that was running a business out of her home and was in need of assistance.

"What will you do without your job?" she asked. "I'm going to work on growing myself and my business," I replied.

"You're taking a big risk," she responded. 

"Yes, I am."

So to you, my friend the reader...what do you want?


May your days be filled with compassion, your faith remain strong, may growth be your compass and joy fill your tables.


May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4


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If part of what you want is your own podcast like Quiana,  then consider connecting with Russell Guess, he's the gentleman you see in the pic above and the producer of her show along with an array of other sounds that are pleasing to the ears. You can find him on social media here. He has also been a steady stream of encouragement on this journey. Grateful for both him and Q.