Welcome to My Corner Office, Please Excuse the Rake

Welcome to my office. My corner office. I am the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Sower of Joy. This is where the big decisions are made, where the magic happens and where the big meetings take place. Please excuse the rake. 

According to Wikipedia 

A corner office is an office that is located in the corner of a building. Corner offices are considered desirable because they have windows on two exterior walls, as opposed to a typical office with only one window or none at all (windowless offices occupying a corner of a building are therefore not typically considered “corner offices”).
As corner offices are often given to the most senior executives, the term primarily refers to top management positions or the "C-Suite.

Sounds great, right? Maybe one day my corner office will match that statement but for now, it's in the corner of my garage.

Instead of windows, there's a garage door. Instead of an administrative assistant, I have two kids that pop their head in from time to time and remind me that part of my responsibility in raising them is to also feed them so there are lots of snack breaks...you know...to keep them alive and everything. There's no air conditioning in my office but I have inherited two decent fans that make the hot Houston afternoons tolerable. There's no conference room but there is a serious commitment to the work being done and if I don't close up shop by 6:30 pm I run the chance of becoming office mates with the 1995 Oldsmobile my mom drives. 

I've never actually occupied a corner office like Wikipedia describes but I've had some decent ones. Even one with windows and people that reported to me but there was something missing. Something else that I needed to work toward and on and so for years I'd come home and experiment with what that something else might be and this is where it's led me to today. 

I have never been so happy, never felt so fulfilled and never knew the joy to be found stepping over oil stained concrete.

Find your corner. Make it work for you. Experiment. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Create things the world needs. Do something that brings you joy. Dare to lose track of time doing work you love. Move away from desirng the space you think you need and turn toward the desire you have within. Those big corner office windows can get dirty quickly and are difficult to clean. If you make a mess I guarantee there will be a rake near by that is big enough to clean it up.


May your days be filled with compassion, your faith remain strong, may growth be your compass and joy fill your tables.