Joy To The Table

I couldn't sleep tonight so I sewed. I sewed table runners out of red, white and blue fabric. Then I sewed two pockets on each table runner and created cards to go in the pockets. I actually created something very similar for my family a few weeks ago because what I want my family, and anyone that joins us at our table, to experience this year is joy. 

We recently started a practice of choosing one part of our day that brought us joy, writing the thought down on a card, sharing it with each other and then dropping it in a jar - it was more or less our take on the "joy jar."  

It wasn't as easy as it sounds. Some days we'd go around the table and get to someone that was having a hard time finding joy in their day...and that was OK. As a matter of fact, it was actually good because we listened and paid attention to the things that were hurting our hearts and even if we couldn't fix the hurt, we knew we were not alone. 

Eventually we could all find at least one thing and that was really good! We even had company join us one night and they dropped a note in the jar too. 

It all got me thinking that I'd like to have more people join us at our table this year. I'd like to learn what brings them joy and even what breaks their hearts. I've come to the conclusion that I need a bigger table but a bigger table can only go so far. 

So on a night when our country sits on the edge of its seat and there are feelings of fear, anxiety and division I sewed table runners and I sewed them with purpose. My hope is that they will enlarge tables, point to joy, deepen conversations and maybe even find a home where people who don't know each other well will share a meal, a few words and know that they are not alone. 

I don't think building walls is the answer. The world needs bigger tables. 


I made a limited number of table runners as part of my hope to bring Joy To The Table. If you would like to order one for your home you can do so here or contact me to discuss a custom order. Each one is made of canvas, comes with pockets, cards and a jar. 

May your days be filled with compassion, your faith remain strong and may growth be your compass.